You don't cook with dirty pans, why cook on a dirty grill ?

Providing Exceptional Grill Cleaning Services

If you are in need of superior grill cleaning services, turn to none other than Shore BBQ Cleaning. We offer a complete and thorough cleaning service to make your grill look as good as new.

Our Services

We will remove all traces of grease, fat, and carbon, especially from places that you can’t see. Our deep cleaning treatments are environmentally friendly, and they include the following:

  • Degreasing

    • Hood
    • Drip Pans
    • Pull-Out Tray
    • Thermometers
    • Wire Catch Pan
    • Control Knobs
    • Rotisserie Racks
    • Igniters

  • Steam Bath

    • Grill Racks
    • Heat Plates
    • Flavorizer Bar

Why You Should Work With Us

Our knowledgeable team knows how to completely get rid of carcinogens left behind by old food so that you can eat healthier barbecue. With our mobile unit, we will also go straight to your home to ensure that your grill still operates safely. Our deep cleaning services will help you reduce the chances of grill fires due to grease buildup.

Connect With Us

Give us a call today to schedule a cleaning appointment so that we can keep your grill looking good. We look forward to serving you!

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