You don't cook with dirty pans, why cook on a dirty grill ?

Let Us Help You With All Your Barbeque Cleaning Needs

Our team at Shore BBQ Cleaning will help you prepare for your next barbeque by giving your grill the sterilization it requires. No matter how extensive the cleanup may be, you can rely on our team to provide nothing but the best service.

Our Process

We will clean your cooking racks and keep them in a steamer for an hour. We will then wipe down the remaining parts of your grill with degreaser, vacuum out all the carbon buildup around the burner, and clean the drip pan. Finally, we will put all the parts back together and apply polish to your appliance.

Why You Should Have Your Grill Cleaned Professionally

Cleaning your grill gets rid of harmful carcinogens that may be transferred to your food. Maintaining its condition will also prevent future corrosion and extend the life of your grill. Aside from getting healthier and safer food, you are also protecting a valuable investment.

Service Area

Our services are available all throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey.

Reach Out to Us

Contact our team today to schedule a cleaning for your grill. We look forward to hearing from you.